How UltraCool makes environment cool?

We at UltraCool use the conventional simple principle of cooling by evaporation using our highly efficient Cellulose Pads i.e. passing hot natural fresh air through the wet surface of pads to bring
temprature down.
The UltraCool Cellulose cooling pads are saturated with water, sprayed onto it through prefixed channels. Warm or hot Fresh Air, which is passed using a fan through the wet UltraCool Pad. Water
evaporation starts when it comes in contact with the warm/hot air which leads to cooling as well as humidifying the intending fresh air in the area. Its Eco-friendly by nature and Economical to the
user. UltraCool is providing the ideal cooling media to keep temperature low in Green house, Poultry Farms, factory shop floors, Industrial & Commercial Premises.

UltraCool Evaporative Cooling Pads Features & Benefits

* Cellulose Base : Ultracool uses the worlds best cellulose based paper from Europe & our pads are engineered from cross sectional, specially treated flute media capable of absorbing
and retaining water to provide maximum cooling efficiency.
* Rigid Structureal strength : The specially engineered cross section fluted structure of UltraCool pads are pasted with a special adhesive which makes it one of the best regid
structure in the cooling pads industry.
* Energy Saving: Ultracool pads have more than 80% efficiency which allows higher cooling with lower air volume.
* Long Lasting : Ultracool is produced with specialized anti-rot chemicals & bonded with specialised bonding agents which makes it the number 1 pad in longitivity.
* Lowest Maintenance : UltraCool has a unique structure that prevents sagging and resistes clogging which minimizes buildup of dust and salt on it which require low maintenance.
* Ultraefficient : UltraCool gives higher efficiency due to specialised treatment of each pad which results UltraCool pads to handle treble the air velocity over the same area, compared
to any other type of pads.
* Make to Order : UltraCool pads can be customized for special applications and it is compatible with all air handling and conditioning systems.

UltraCool Pads are used in

* AHU & HVAC for big office complexes, Paint Shops, Generator Rooms & many more.
* Manufacturing Facilities, Restaurant and Marriage Halls Cooling System
* Gymnasiums and Sports Complexes
* Warehouses Cooling
* Textile Humidification process
* Poultry Farms & Green Houses Temperature Control
* Gas Turbine at inlet Air Cooling

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