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Cooling Pad

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Cooling Pad

We are the Manufacturer of the Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly best quality Cellulose Honeycomb Pads made of fine high quality, recyclable absorbent craft paper specially made and import from Europe.

We at Ultracool know the responsibility towards saving environment. Ultracool sources the paper suppliers from Europe where laws for saving forest are strictly adopted. Ultracool imports the paper from the manufacturers who are the number one-two supplier of the craft paper for cooling pads. The paper is produced from sawdust pulp and care-fully selected Recycled Fiber (RCF). They provide the customer with both excellent quality and a high respect for nature. This paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mixed certified which ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The way environment is deteriorating, it is the need of the day to conserve energy, save forests for the good health of living human and his progeny. Maintaining the comfortable temperature for living is the need of this era for human being. In the hot regions, Air Conditioners are used to keep the living area cool. But Air Conditioners consumes tremendous electrical energy and so it is one of the cause environment is being harmed. In above contest Use of Evaporative Air Coolers for cooling is environment friendly, it saves lot of electrical energy and also supports to run the Air Cooler economically.

Use of paper based cooling pads in manufacturing of evaporative air coolers is the latest trend in India and around the world. Quality of the evaporative cooling pads depends upon the paper, resin coated on it and the glue used for bonding each paper sheet with the other. The paper needs to have excellent water absorbing properties to attain lowest cooling temperature and at the same time it needs to be strong enough and have extended life which, depends upon the resin & glue used for coating & gumming on paper.

The use of the virgin paper is against the norms of the � SAVE TREES � policy. Because wood is whole raw material to produce paper. But unfortunately, paper is the major part of the evaporative cooling pad.

Like paper UltraCool procures other raw materials i.e. resin & the base materials for glue also from the manufactures from Europe/USA where environmental norms are stringent and material is well accepted worldwide.

Uses of Evaporative Cooling Pads
  • Poultry farms,
  • Hatcheries,
  • Breeding area, Livestock and dairy farms.
  • Green houses,
  • Mushroom farming,
  • Seed farming and horticulture.
  • Industrial and commercial areas.
  • Turbine 'air intake' cooling.
  • Residential cooling.

PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING UltraCool cooling pads : -
Single sheets of fluted cellulose virgin craft paper are impregnated and treated to provide both longevity and efficient wetting. The sheets are adhered together to form a block and cooling pads are cut from the blocks as customer�s size and specifications. Thermal-setting resins are used to strengthen the paper and achieve water absorbency. The resin impregnation and cure creates a rigid paper product that is self-supporting and water-absorbent.

1. Available in custom flute angles and sizes
2. Ultracool evaporative pads are produced using -
3. Most sophisticated resin coating technology
4. Most sophisticated curing process
5. Ultracool owes to its customer to offer pads produced using latest and advanced technology by its team of highly qualified and experienced technologist...
6. Ultracool pads are environment friendly
7. Ultracool has obtained all quality certifications
8. The end product is Strongest and heaviest pads available in India

UltraCool�s Cooling Pad Speciality

  • Made from environment friendly and heaviest craft paper.
  • High resin content
  • High Tensile, Dry & Wet crush strength

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